Mauvaises Têtes

"Love can make you lose your head"

The official website of Mauvaises Têtes (Bad Heads), an award-winning horror comedy short film written, produced and directed by Rebekah Fieschi. Made in the spirit of classic MGM and Universal monster movies from the 1920s/30s, it tells the story of an odd woman, Jenny, who loses her mind in the search for love and finds the perfect man in her own peculiar way.

Sylphvaina Grove, Rebekah Fieschi's new film, is now crowdfunding on Seed and Spark. For a contribution of at least $20 you can watch Mauvaises Têtes online and get a special thanks from Horromance Productions on social media and in the credits of the film! This offer is only available until 12PM EST on May 5th. Check out our campaign to learn more about the new film and please share it on social media to help raise awareness. Thank you...and enjoy!