Mauvaises Têtes

"Love can make you lose your head"

The official website of Mauvaises Têtes (Bad Heads), an award-winning horror comedy short film written, produced and directed by Rebekah Fieschi. Made in the spirit of classic MGM and Universal monster movies from the 1920s/30s, it tells the story of an odd woman, Jenny, who loses her mind in the search for love and finds the perfect man in her own peculiar way.




Previous Screenings:

Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival (October 2017)
Nominated: Best of Fest Award
Cary, NC

Scream Queen FilmFest Tokyo Tour (October 2017)
Osaka, JP

Monsters of Film (October 2017)
Stockholm, Sweden

Austin Revolution Film Festival (September2017)
Austin, TX
WINNER: Best Horror Short,
Nominated: Best US Actress in a Short, Best FX in a Short

FilmQuest Festival (September 2017)
Provo, UT
WINNER: Best Cinematography Short
Nominated: Minerva Award

Days of the Dead Film Festival (September 2017)
Louisville, KY

Fright Fest (August 2017)
London, EN

NecronomiCon (August 2017)
Providence, RI

Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z (July 2017)
Union, NJ

Comic-Con International (July 2017)
San Diego, CA

Days of the Dead Film Festival (July 2017)
Indianapolis, IN

Stormy Weather Horror Fest (June 2017)
WINNER: Outstanding Female Filmmaker, Best SFX, and Best Sound/Music
Nominated: Best Short, Best Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Editing

Monsters of Film (March 2017)
Stockholm, Sweden

Boomtown Film and Music Festival (February 2017)
Beaumont, TX

The Vancouver Badass Film Festival (February 2017)
Vancouver, Canada
Nominated: Best International Short Film, Best Actress
Scream Queen FilmFest Tokyo Tour (February 2017)
Nagoya, Japan
Women in Horror Month (February  2017)
Dublin, Ireland

Love Hurts Film Festival  (February 2017)
Glasgow, Scotland

Women in Horror Month: United in Blood (February 2017)
London, England

Days of the Dead Film Festival (February 2017)
Atlanta, GA

Macabre Faire Film Festival (January 2017)
Ronkonoma, NY
WINNER: Best Short Screenplay
Nominated: Best Short Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Costumes

Ax Wound Film Festival (November 2016)
New England Premiere

Scream Queen FilmFest Tokyo Tour (October 2016)
Singapore Premiere

Chiller Thrillers Screening Event   (October 2016)
New York City 

Nightmares Film Festival (October 2016)
Midwest Premiere  in Columbus, Ohio
Nominated: Best Short Director

 Scream Queen FilmFest Tokyo (October 2016)
Asian Premierein Tokyo, JP

 Sacramento Horror Film Festival (October 2016)
West Coast Premiere

New York Premiere (April 2016)
NYC Independent Film Festival

Reel Women (March 2016) 
Cambridge UK

DC Independent Film Festival (March 2016)
 United States Premiere

Dragon Dreaming Film Festival (October 2015)
Australian Premiere